Discover the Wildlife of Hilton Head Island and its Waters

Dolphone and other Wildlife of Hilton HeadHilton Head Island is the ideal destination for nature lovers. There are a plethora of ways in which to discover the wildlife of Hilton Head and the fascinating sea-life of the waters that run through and around it. Whether you are enjoying a thrilling water-based activity, a relaxing boat tour of the Calibogue Sound, or taking a land-based adventure, you will have amazing access to the natural wildlife of Hilton Head Island.

In the waters off of South Beach Marina on the southern most tip of Hilton Head Island, you will be able to see playful and intelligent bottlenose dolphins sporting around the shallow waters. You may also come across rare loggerhead sea turtles around the coast. This is an endangered species whose egg laying must never be disturbed, however, you are welcome to watch this spectacle of nature from a respectful distance.

Lurking in the waters of the lowcountry marsh lagoons around the island are numerous alligators, which enjoy a mutually respectful relationship with local people and visitors. As you travel around Hilton Head, you can see these majestic creatures, which reach more than 12ft in length. Remember to never feed the alligators or agitate them – if you leave them alone then they will pose less danger.

Birdwatching is also a popular activity on Hilton Head Island, and no matter which activity you choose to enjoy on Hilton Head, you are sure to see many interesting species of birds, from the sea birds of the coast to the graceful storks, heron, and pelicans of the marshes.

See the island’s creatures in their own habitats – take to the waters on a kayaking or sailing adventure with dolphins playing in the bow, stand up paddleboard on calm waters as sea turtles cross your path and fish swim beneath, take a boat tour deep into alligator territory or fly high parasailing in the element of the birds as you take in some fantastic views of the island and the wider area.

Inland, yet more natural wonders await. Audubon-Newhall Preserve is an area of protected environment on the island and venturing into the island’s interior woods and marshlands acts as a fascinating contrast to the shoreline and coastal waters of Hilton Head Island.


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